5 big tips from successful online entrepreneurs

There are many of us who feels trapped in the 8 to 5 work that hinders us to create quality time with our families.  We are bound to spend multiple hours in traffic just to get by everyday.   We feel so many hours are wasted that it proves difficult to keep up with the ever increasing economic cost of living.

Now, here comes the generation of internet that made a huge shift in our lives today.  Gone are the days when success is tendered with work hours counted by  numbers, when lavish suits or attire guarantees a good financial status and most importantly when quality time for loved ones should come second to career.

We are at the time when we are offered with choices that must come with actions.  So how do you start activating a new choice of living?  You get out there and start LEARNING.  Find out how other people who found success has done it.  Get to know their pain and how they overcame it.  This is why I continue to attend events that will increase my awareness and knowledge.

Just yesterday, I attended the Lifestyle Entrepreneur Summit 2019 here in Philippines.  This was a gathering of people interested in harnessing online business at the same time learning from people who have proven that it actually works! They have introduced the various models that we can learn to fully equip ourselves with choices on how to get out of the financial rat race and into the freedom of living our lives untrapped from employment or business failures.

Now, what do you get after attending a summit full of aspiring Filipinos yearning to take action and bracing themselves to do what must be done to succeed?  Empowerment.  Inspiration.  Courage.

A line of speakers who have shared how their lives have changed have introduced their proven methods on how to succeed.  Yes we’re talking about multi-millionaire speakers sharing their thoughts from ebook writing, Amazon selling, affiliate marketing, copywriting techniques and FB ads strategies.  These guys know how to HUSTLE and CRUSH it!  Here’s the common denominator that these successful speakers shared where most online entrepreneurs can relate to:

1. Begin with the end in mind.

We are all free to use our imagination and envision what we truly want to achieve in life.  This is the first step in training our minds to find ways how to make it happen.  According to Stephen Covey, author of 7 Habits of Effective People, before you can achieve a good successful life you must know how it looks like.  With the end in mind, you can formulate your mission statement.

Knowing your goals will help you develop a focused & result oriented energy.  This will give you hunger for the things that must be done to achieve your goal.  All entrepreneur speakers where looking at how to help with their families’ needs.  There’s pain of not having enough to provide for them that serves as the driving factor in fueling their hunger for success.  Knowing what goals must be achieved will help create your blueprint for success.

2.  Success can happen even to the most ordinary people.

Remember flipping through your high school yearbook? Looking back, was there any signs that helped determine who will succeed or not?  Surprisingly, all speakers have proven that none of them were high graduating honor students back in their days.  One of them didn’t even graduate!  This isn’t saying that the academics at school are not important.  This goes to show that your level of education is not entirely the basis of success.  It is a tool that will help you but will not guarantee your future success.

Stop saying that someone made it through because they were smart, because they had a good education or studied at prime universities, because they were rich or had many connections.  Stop making excuses by putting them in a pedestal high enough that you have given yourself a good reason why you can’t do the same.

3.   You will FAIL.

Lish Aquino, also known as Queen of Amazon, has shared the many failures she faced before making it big in selling on Amazon.  She even had hundreds of thousands of debts during the beginning of her Amazon journey.  We are so focused with someone’s multi million earnings that we neglect to look at the crossroads they experienced before even getting to the first few hundreds of their earnings.

Jon Orana, the mastermind of this event and founder of www.negosyouniversity.com, started with multiple small businesses which failed eventually.  Filipinos being Filipinos are itching their way to building businesses however small they are.  But statistics says that 4 out of 5 businesses will soon fail within 5 years if not done properly.  Let’s just say most of these speakers have gone through that 4 out of 5 failed businesses (or even more!) before they found their niche.

So I get it, failures are inevitable! Does it mean my bank account has to sacrifice multiple times of losses before I can earn?  YES and NO.  There are a few entrepreneurs who were lucky enough to skip through this heart wrenching loss and found success right away.  But that does not assure you that failures will stop coming.  It is through these failures that will teach us tremendous amount of knowledge that no books or mentors can teach.

The moral lesson that allof the successful entrepreneurs shared is to never give up (Sounds cliché I know!).  Learn from your mistake (this is crucial!) and come out better and stronger just like the words of Winston Churchill, “Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” 

4.  There is no overnight SUCCESS.

There is no instant success.  (Unless you call winning the lottery a success)  It takes years of hard work, energy, sweat and tears to build your business to success.  It is like planting a seed that will have to be nurtured with the right amount of elements in nature to make it grow and last.   Would you even choose taking shortcuts to growing that tree knowing it will only result to an unnatural state?

Set realistic milestones to give yourself time to grow strong.  It might be a slow start but focus, continue and never give up.  Learn how to drive the business one step at a time.  Just like any journey, there will be crossroads along the way.  But take as much PATIENCE  which is an important element of all businesses.  Considering that it will take time to grow and be successful, then why not start NOW? What’s stopping you from taking that leap to a new lifestyle away from the cubicle life and towards financial freedom?

5.  Online business is the best investment an entrepreneur can make.

With the given 67 million Filipino internet users, where else can you find a Filipino market bigger than this?  An online business is the most ideal startup for anyone who has a laptop and an internet connection.  It does not need high overhead cost.  You can practically work alone anywhere you want.  Today, reaching out to millions of people in an instant is possible.  That’s why scaling a business is workable as long as you follow the effective fundamentals in online businesses.

Thousands of people have proven their success either through writing ebooks, selling online, writing or shooting video blogs, coaching etc…  But more than the financial success is the freedom that these entrepreneurs acquire.  They are more than proud of spending majority of their time with loved ones at the same time following their passion.  All these are possible with automation that can be done in online businesses.  Working is now possible even while sleeping, travelling or simply not doing anything at all.  This is now the lifestyle that most Filipinos are dreaming of.  To be away from the stress of traffic, horrible bosses and underpaid salaries are now reachable and possible thru starting an online business.


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