About Me

Instapreneur Hacks is created to encourage and teach aspiring entrepreneurs to share their passion and start building their business online.

Amidst the overwhelming and oftentimes confusing world of information, this website is built to provide simplified and helpful steps to start and grow your online empire.  

Consider this as your online buddy (or sometimes sidekick) who will convey smart tips and step by step guide to make your journey fun and exciting.

Like you, I have been in your shoes.  I was also an employee working as an Architect on a company rendering regular hours (mostly irregular with overtime) in the office.  The bulk of my waking hours have been spent far from the things that I aspire to do personally.  

Like any other employee, It is oftentimes a struggle to stretch my time to do something different away from the hustle of my profession.  

Until I left my job and had an enormous spare time in my hands (which rarely happens with work).

I decided to pursue my passion for writing and started to write ebook and blogs.  

After sometime, I realised that most of my friends have the same dilemma.  

They yearn to pursue their passion to distract themselves away from their current exhausting jobs and to simply fulfill what they truly desire to accomplish.  But they don't know how and even finds it impossible to even start.  

This pushed me to research and find ways on how to encourage them to follow their passion.  

Because like you, these people are very talented and hardworking and it simply is a waste for them not to share this to the world.  

And that is how Instapreneur Hacks was born.  

This website is made to motivate you to start exploring and meet your purpose of sharing your knowledge and passion to the world and even work your way to becoming an online entrepreneur.  

Now, it’s time to put on your seat belts on, take a ride and let your journey start now! 

Your online buddy,

EC Lynn, founder of Instapreneur Hacks







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