This is why my sister should remain as an employee and not an entrepreneur.

This is the first time I’ll be writing an article about a specific person.

As the title goes, this is about my sister and why she should forget about becoming an entrepreneur and continue being an employee.

According to, An entrepreneur is an individual who, rather than working as an employee, finds and runs a small business assuming all the risks and rewards of the venture. The entrepreneur is commonly seen as an innovator, a source of new ideas, goods, services and business/or procedures.

Starting from how we were raised by our parents, my sister believes in the traditional concept of doing well in her studies in order to get the best jobs out there.

From the beginning, her eyes were trained to look at the top of the corporate ladder because she knew that’s where she belongs.

She did well at school and was taught to perform well with the given instructions much like how a typical employee would do in a company. In her mind, the goal is to work on a big corporation and be successful in doing so. Remember how Robert Kiyosaki would say, why climb the corporate ladder when you can own it? Let’s just say, it never crossed her mind to own one.

Growing up in an average income generating household, my sister would always plan so far ahead on what she wants to purchase for herself. This was to give her time to save money since we couldn’t afford to splurge.

I remember in high school she would say that her first big spend would be getting her crooked teeth fixed with braces using her own money. That time having braces was a thing for the rich kids in town so you can imagine my reaction when she said it. After a short, contorted laugh at my sister’s serious goal in life, I told her why waste that much money to fix her teeth if she knows it’ll just fall out when she gets old.

Fast forward after graduation, she started a job as a telemarketer… at the same time paid for her monthly visits to the dentist to fix her robotic looking smile due to braces. Needless to say when the braces came off, it didn’t just fixed her smile but her confidence as well.

She realized she was now ready to face the corporate world…and conquer it. She was armed with the knowledge that working for huge, well-known companies means a stable and clear path to success.

She would jump from one job to another slowly making her way up the ranks. She couldn’t resist to say “no” to any opportunities as she was afraid she might miss her big break.

Eventually, good breaks keep on coming her way. Soon, she decided to take further studies to bump up her credentials as she was aiming for a higher position. And as expected, my goal-oriented sister completed her master’s degree using her own hard-earned money.

In all the years of her career, she aimed to be the best employee. And she became one…not long after she became a brand manager in a well known company. Talk about everything working well and according to her plan.

Why else would she fail? She was raised and trained all her life to rise through the ranks.

I guess she was almost close to meeting her career goal, when everything changed. From having a difficult boss to getting away from the high stress lifestyle and later on to focusing on her newborn baby and husband, she decided to quit her job.

It wasn’t an easy decision but everything that happened that time seemed to lead her into that point.

There were no regrets. Despite facing financial troubles, my sister chose to turn her back against what she does best and started to face a new journey ahead.

She decided to study and became a licensed financial advisor. a job that entails working independently without the need for a monday to friday office space. Something that was not really her cup of tea. She had to learn all over again.

She was faced with so many challenges, but she persisted.

What made her change her mind? She was used to looking at the top of the corporate ladder. Only this time, she decided to lower her gaze and start looking at the people around it. She realized what she lacked from the very beginning was a mission that would help improve not just her life but others too.

She used to have big dreams for herself. Now, she still have big dreams but it includes one for her family, friends and even some people that she barely even know. As a licensed financial advisor, her mission is to provide financial education to families everyday. She believes that as families make better financial decisions, they achieve peace of mind and improve their quality of life, thus, creating a ripple that can build financially empowered generations. Moreover, it becomes a life changing business opportunity.

She used to think that attaining that high position at work will make her feel accomplished. Now, she believes that if her small act of teaching people how to manage their finances would mean helping their families get out of debts, have a stable future and achieve their dreams, then it is greatly considered as her mission well-achieved.

In every definition, my sister is an outstanding employee and would continue to be successful had she stayed as one.  Her mind has always been geared towards unattainable positions in companies she admired.  That is why being an employee best fits her.  Yet, she chose to lead a more challenging role of becoming an entrepreneur – free from working as an employee in a company. She manages to control how she will earn in her own time and her own way. She knows which opportunity is worth the risk and which goal is worth achieving.

Despite giving up the perks of driving her own car, stepping at prestigious offices, wearing corporate clothes and earning a steady monthly income, she chose to focus on her mission, family and a simple lifestyle living as an entrepreneur. Just like how she envisioned getting those braces when she was younger, her persistence, hardwork, and confidence to take risks makes her a kick-ass entrepreneur through and through.

I am writing this to share with you her mission that inspired me as I became a witness on how people have changed their lives and chose to lead a better one after learning from her. I hope you all could get to know her too and let her help you achieve your vision for a stable, worry-free future with your loved ones. Perhaps, she believes that no matter how small your efforts are. making this world a better place is not so impossible after all.

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