Why you should start a business that you love, before you quit the job that you hate.

Ever since I can remember, I was raised up to believe that you can only find success once you get a good employer in a high paying job.

Universities put emphasis that your academic grades will determine the kind of companies that will hire you.

Somehow, I always find a dent in those statements that I hear from my teachers or from my parents.

Deep inside, I always believed that what we learn in schools will prepare us for what’s to come but could never be the basis of success or failure.  There’s just too many elements in every success stories that are being overlooked at.  At the end of the day, success should bring contentment and stability in life.

Some may have achieved financial success, but still find that something is missing in their lives.  And that’s when they start to embark on a journey to find a deeper sense of purpose.

We know that time does not last, and doing something that doesn’t mean anything to us is wasting that small amount of time that we have.

We believe that we are made for a purpose.  We are not here just to wake up, eat and work to survive.

We believe that each of us are valuable as long as we contribute something good to the world, life can get better.

According to Washington Post, only 13% of people world wide actually like their jobs.  Such a disappointing fact, that majority of us are experiencing yet finds no other way to change it.

Why continue getting stuck to a meaningless job, to a tyrant boss,  or to a stressful workplace that does not feed your hungry soul?  We can’t deny that what we are after is the financial stability more than the quality of job that we have.

We choose our 9 to 5 cubicle life more than the dream of following and living our passion because our salaries pay for our needs.

This is why quitting your job no matter how much you hate it is not a top option.  There is just too much risk in letting go of the stability by choosing the unknown result if you follow your passion.

So whenever you hear stories of successful people who quit their jobs and pursued their calling, remind yourself that those have immense sugar coating in them.  What those stories should highlight is not “quitting their jobs”, rather they should focus on the “hustle of how they lived their passion WHILE working at their daily jobs (no matter how much it sucked) before they finally quit to build their self made businesses. “

Studies have shown that when you do what you love, you are fueled with purpose and desire to improve your craft.  You learn how to push yourselves to the limit no matter how much failures you encounter.  As long as you work hard, you improve not just your knowledge but your emotional and physical well being because your passion has been engraved deeply to your central core ever since you can remember.

Before you look at the multiple opportunities that must be explored to start your business, it is important to determine your passion and purpose in life.

Finding out what we really love to do in life helps create a mission that is far bigger than just benefiting one’s self.  Having a mission that has a deeper purpose will help you stand in the ground even when the strong winds of failures pass by.

Once you find where your passion lies, it is best to plan how to start a business that will help you thrive and earn more than your salary from your current job.

But before thinking of quitting, what we should prepare ourselves for is the TRANSITION period.  This is where we must start developing our business plans as a side hustle while we are working our daily jobs.  This is the safest way to ensure that we are still financially covered from our regular salaries while we are taking our time to learn all the nitty gritty details in starting our businesses.

This transition period may be the hardest part of all.

Imagine juggling your time between two jobs, getting sleepless nights and missing out the fun times after work.  So much sacrifice which can only be achieved when you are truly passionate about your chosen business goal.

For some people, it takes a few years to get out of this transition period.  But for others, it take much much longer than expected.  The key is to continue hustling and learning from the mistakes along the way.

All these hardships will prepare you for the reward of achieving a business that thrives.  Once you are earning a steady income from your side hustle which surpasses your regular salary; plus you are ready to scale up our side business, then it is safe to say that you are ready to quit your job.

By this time, you are ready to become your own boss.  It will not be a walk in the park.  Following your passion does not mean making your lives easier or richer.  Despite the obstacles, choose to be in control of your own time, devote your energies to things that matters and allow yourselves to become fulfilled by sharing your passion to more people.

No more chasing for someone else’s goals, no more exhausting our energies to toxic colleagues, and no more wasting our time away from our loved ones.  Let’s not wait when we have enough time to pursue our passion because the perfect timing is a myth.  Let’s start to make our dreams a reality and always believe that our  dreams are worth chasing.

If you are one of most people who are still unsure where their passion lies, believe that everyone has a purpose to share to the world.  Learn the simple steps to discover your passion.  Don’t let yourself get stuck in a meaningless job and find out where your true calling lies.  Download the free ebook Passion to Startup Formula and learn the many possibilities that you can explore to start a business that you will love.  Learn more by visiting: www.instapreneurhacks.com


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